ACHIEVE!™ Physical Education Curriculum

ACHIEVE!™ curriculum is the answer to creating an effective, easy-to-implement physical education or before and after school program. ACHIEVE!™ utilizes a combination of standards-aligned content, easy-to-use lesson plans, convenient instructional videos, personalized training, and premium equipment to provide the ultimate solution for your school or institution!

"The ACHIEVE!™curriculum has become an integral part of our day. It empowers our teachers and energizes our students!" -Mary Curtis, Principal Simi Valley Unified School District

ACHIEVE!™ curriculums are:

effective physical eduction activity curriculum


ACHIEVE!™ provides all the tools needed to make implementation of a quality program simple and easy!

  • Master schedule provides an organized plan for the year.
  • Teacher guides and detailed lesson plans clearly outline each activity.
  • DVDs support each lesson, providing visual instruction and guidance for teachers and students.

easy to implement physical eduction activity curriculum


Enhance your current program with a standards-based, proven solution from ACHIEVE!™

  • Instructional content is PhD authored and aligns with state and national standards.
  • Activities are organized in a sequential, age- and ability-appropriate format.
  • ACHIEVE!™ curriculums are researched, with proven, evidenced-based results.

comprehensive physical eduction activity curriculum

Easy to Implement!

ACHIEVE!™ programs offer expert content, on-site training, and high-quality equipment for the most comprehensive curriculums!

  • Improve activity and reinforce healthy choices. Use all 3 for even better results!
  • Personalized on-site training increases engagement and understanding, while optimizing your time.
  • Programs come with content-specific equipment backed by the best guarantee.